Green Lantern/Space Ghost Special #1 Review

Publisher: DC ComicsSpace-Ghost-Green-Lantern-Annual

 Written By: James Tynion IV, Christopher Sebala, Howard Charkin

Art By: Ariel Olivetti, Wil Quintana

Letters By: A Larger World Studios, Pat Brosseau








The third DC/Hanna-Barbera Special stars two of the most well known Galaxy Guarding heroes Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Space Ghost in a tumultuous trek for the ages.


The issue begins with Hal Jordan responding to a distress call about a great weapon from a planet so far at the far off edge of the Universe that is actually considered to be in an entirely different dimension.  While traveling to the planet he is attacked by Larfleeze and the minions of Zorak who are also after the weapon.  This leads Hal to be confronted by Space Ghost who mistakes him for an enemy and leads to a fight which causes the two to come crashing down to the planet below.  Once down on the planets surface they have to flee from a hostile military and take refuge at the home of a young girl and her uncle who is an inventor, the two explain to them that the residents of the planet have been told that there is no such thing as space and stars and that they are all alone in the universe.  The uncle had sent out the message to attract outside life and prove the militaristic government wrong.  He also said the weapon was a mistranslation and it was a vehicle he was making not a device of destruction.  However the military catches up to the two heroes and Space Ghost and Hal must team-up to fight them off, but not before the Uncle is severely wounded.  In his dying moments he asks the two to take him into space so he can see it just once before he dies.  They do so and the old man finally finds peace. Later Space Ghost and Hal Jordan return to the planet and reveal their truth to the people.  The book ends with the two parting ways hoping to meet again someday and a flash-forward to years later when the young girl is heading into space and looking forward to meeting her heroes once more.

The back-up consists of a short modernization of Ruff & Reddy that is a short prologue  setting up for future tales


In terms of story the Green Lantern/Space Ghost Special may not be the strongest in terms of story but the story it does tell is still poignant and well executed.  The morals of the destructive nature and lies of an authoritarian society are especially relevant in modern times and  the moment where Hal and Space Ghost show the uncle space for the first and last time is genuinely touching.  The action is hit and miss, but the actual interaction between the two heroes showing how their personalities contrast in philosophy but compare where it counts makes for some interesting dialogue between the two.  The back-up Ruff & Reddy strip however is fairly weak and does nothing to make me want to read more of the characters adventures in the future.


In terms of art Ariel Olivetti does a masterful job on the art and colors giving the main story a level of realism and depth while still showcasing the grander scope of space in a way that makes the entire story feel rather cinematic.  Quintana’s art on the back-up strip is much more simplistic and cartoony but that plays to the strength of the characters used in set strip.


Overall Green Lantern/Space Ghost is a fairly well constructed story with beautiful art that leaves you wanting to see more of both of the title heroes in the future.


Final Grade

Story: 8

Art: 10

Overall: 9 out of 10


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