Booster Gold/ The Flintstones #1 Review


Publisher: DC Comics

 Written By: Mark Russel, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner5604c6bec2070abe106fa3eadefc156c_xl

Art By: Rick Leonardi, Scott Hanna, Steve Buccellato, Pier Brito

Letters By: Dave Sharpe. Michael Hiesler







In the second installment of our DC/Hanna-Barbera review series we take a look at a time-traveling adventure with everyone’s favorite superhero Booster Gold!


The story of the issue is as follows.  Booster is getting ready to meet a date in Gotham City when a group of aliens comes out of a portal and starts destroying everything in site.  Booster goes back in time to find the source of the invasion and ends up accidentally killing an alien of the same species in the stone age.  While there he meets up with Fred and Barney and explains the situation to them.  Skeets then tells booster that by going back in time and unintentionally killing the alien that was basically his race’s Christ figure he was the one responsible for the invasion in the future.  Booster tries to fix this by taking the Flintstones with him to the present though he just ends up making even more chaos then before.  Thankfully his friend Crabullon comes in at the last minute with a well and living alien messiah who scolds the rest of his species for learning nothing from his teachings.  The issue ends with the peace loving alien telling Booster and The Flintstones he will never be coming back and the human race is basically screwed and Fred nicely asks that Booster never return to the stone age.

The back-up story in the issue is a prologue to the upcoming Jetsons series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner and gives us an origin for everyone’s favorite robot maid Rosie.


In terms of Story Mark Russel continues to be a masterful story teller mixing various scifi and comic clichés with some smart and witty satire and observation on society and religion while still keeping the voices of the characters in the piece spot on with his other works.  This makes sense of course as Russel also writes the monthly Flintstones title as well and has really done a good job of developing his own versions of the characters while still staying true to their roots.  Booster is also on point here and is very reminiscent of his JLI self we all know and love.   Overall Russel’s witty, intelligent and downright fun script makes the story a delight to read!

As for the back-up strip, while not as strong as the main story, Conner and Palmiotti do a solid job of giving some much needed background to The Jetsons and their iconic characters and it does its job of setting up for the ongoing and getting readers interested in what will come next.


In terms of Art Rick Leonardo does a decent job and his style helps give the story an appropriate cartoony feel and Steve Buccellato’s colors are vibrant and varied and fit near every scene spot-on.  I think my only complaint would be that characters do look somewhat odd from certain angles and the sizes of the characters does seem to subtly alter a a bit through out the story.  But overall a visually solid display.  The Jetsons art is a bit more mixed, being somewhat more realistic in style the contrast when compared to the main story is noticeable.  This is not nessicarily a bad thing but it does give The Jetsons cast more generic feel when compared to their cartoon counterparts.  Though I will admit I do like the upgraded look given to Rosey as it looks much more futuristic compared to her design in the cartoons.  Overall though the art is a mixed bag.


In closing Booster Gold/ The Flintstones Special is a delightful read with witty humor and commentary by one of DC Comics best writers!


Final Score

Story: 10

Art: 8.5

Overall: 9 out of 10  


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