BUG! The Adventures of Forager #1 Review

Publisher: DC Comics608

Written By:  Lee & Micael Allred

Art By: Lee & Laura Allred

Letters By:  Nate Piekos of Blambot










Ever since last fall when DC Comics launched its new Young Animal imprint fans have been eagerly awaiting to see what would come from it once it expanded beyond its initial four premiere titles.  Well this week the fifth series and first mini to launch from the line has begun and it is a rip-roaring adventure through time, space and the Multiverse with the best hero you’ve never heard of Bug The Forager.  So get your mother boxes ready and let the journey begin.


The book starts out by giving us some brief flashbacks to Bug’s previous and supposedly final adventure before having the titular hero wake up and find himself encased in a cocoon inside of a basement.  He looks around and finds a mysterious talking teddy bear that is quickly snatched by an equally mysterious ghost girl whom he follows up the stairs until he runs into a group of monsters that he must fight off before meeting up with the girl once more in a room full of dominos that mimic a motherbox switchboard diagram.  The dominos drop and our hero is given multiple vision of other heroes in need of help throughout the Multiverse.  After this ordeal Bug is found by two more creepy creatures who happen to be servants of the silver age Sandman.  He explains there are here to find “The Dreamer” whom he believes Forager to be and that he needs BUG to wake up if he isn’t already dead that is.  The reason for this is because he needs BUG to help him find one of the rarest metals in all the Multiverse, one that can make dreams reality.  Shortly after being awoken the group is attacked by General Electric a mad scientist in search of the same power as Sandman & BUG.  The first issue ends with BUG stepping through a dimensional portal to parts unknown.



Overall in terms of story the book is the highly enjoyable retro surrealist kind of tale we have come to expect from both the Young Animal Line and Allred himself.  The book pays tribute to what has come before while still paving the way for something new while setting up an interesting story and mystery for the rest of the series to follow-up on.  The inclusion of lesser known characters like the Silver Age Sandman are a nice plus and really help showcase the scope of the DCU even when the majority of your book takes place in a dream house.  General Electric while a somewhat cheesy villain is introduced in a very fun and bombastic way and the magical McGuffins of the metal and dream whistles actually fit into the story quite well.  The art is also fantastic as it to features Allred’s unique form and style that manages to make the characters feel lively and dynamic and making each one feel unique while still being a working homogeneous part of the same story and world.  If there are any complaints to be had it would be the book does seem to jump around a bit but that only adds to the surrealist feel and style of the work.


Overall I would say BUG! The Adventures of Forager is a worthy addition to any DC/Young Animal fans collection.


Final Score

Story: 8.5

Art: 8

Overall: 8.5


Why You Should Be Reading: DC Comics!

Welcome to the first instalment of Why You Should Be Reading, or WYSBR for short.  In this new segment every Tuesday we will be looking at a different publisher or series and give reasons as to why fans should take a look at them.  And today we start out with the Granddaddy of the superhero, DC Comics!



It is true over the years DC Comics, like any publisher has had its ups & downs, having extreme highs and lows in the 90’s and 00’s by the time the 2010’s rolled around DC Comics thought it was time for a change and in 2011 launched “The New 52” which rebooted the entire DC universe and while gave them strong sales initially was met with mixed reception and arguably did more harm than good to the publishers reputation in the long run.  In 2016 however DC Comics came back with a vengeance and here are the three reasons why!





  1.  DC Universe Rebirth

What it is:  After the mixed results of The New 52 DC did something no one ever thought a larger publisher like them would do, they admitted to their mistake, and using elements set up in previous event series like Multiversity and Convergence they launched the Superman: Lois & Clark and Titans Hunt mini-series which lead into DC Universe Rebirth.  A one-shot that changed everything by finally finishing the connect the dots so to speak of the Pre-Flashpoint and New52 DC Universes.  This lead into a big line wide relaunch and revitalization of the DC Comics books.


Why You Should Care:  DC Universe Rebirth is an initiative that is all about reclaiming the legacy of the DC Universe that was lost after the Flashpoint while still moving the DC Universe forward with both well beloved classic characters and new fan favorites, it is about embracing everything from the golden age to modern age of comics and reconciling it into one epic two year long narrative spanning the entirety of the DC Universe!


Recommended Reads:  So far the various Superman family titles and the Titans book seem to be the most actively connected, though the Batman books and Flash have a big role to play as well.  And on a personal note Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern books are pretty enjoyable as well!




2. Young Animal

What it is:  A new imprint started by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame, this line is advertised as “Comics For Dangerous Humans”  and focuses on the weirder fringe of the DCU.


Why You Should Care:  So far young animal has revived fan favorite underdogs The Doom Patrol, as well as launching new series for Cave Carson, Shade: The Changing Girl and introduced a new character in Mother Panic.  It also has a New Gods mini-series starring Bug: The Forager planned for this summer!


Recommended reads:  Honestly you can’t go wrong with anything from this line, though Doom Patrol and Shade: The Changing Girl stick out the most due to their unique and psychedelic natures.




3.  Hanna-Barbera Universe (a.k.a. Hanna-Barbera Beyond)

What it is:  HBU or HBB as it is also called is a new line that finally sees DC Comics take advantage of the large library of classic cartoon characters it has access to and reworks and reimagines them in new and interesting ways.  From a Mad Max Style Wacky Races, to a Ghost Buster-esque Scooby Doo and beyond, HBU takes these classic characters and uses them in intriguing new ways!


Why You Should Care:   Hanna-Barbera Beyond is not only revitalizing these characters but also helping make a new generation of readers aware of characters like The Impossibles, Frankenstein Jr. Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, Snagglepuss, Dastardly & Muttly, etc.  On top of preserving these classic and arguably for the most part underappreciated cartoon characters it also gives us fun new stories to read with them weather it is the team-up of all of HB’s action stars in Future Quest, a revitalized commentary heavy Flintstones,  or a even crazier version of Scooby-Doo!  The HBB line has something for everyone.  Oh and they are also doing crossovers between the HB and main DC lines later this month.  Space Ghost/Green Lantern Team-up anyone!?


Recommended Reads:  For the most part the HBU books are meant to be 6- 12 issue limited series though Scooby Apocalypse is lasting beyond that mark.  None the less though I cannot recommend Future Quest enough as it has been a genuinely amazing book, and Flintstones has been spot-on as well!  As for the upcoming second wave of titles, Snagglepuss looks promising.


And there you have it, three solid reasons to check out what DC Comics is up too!  Between these three lines/imprints there truly is a book for everyone!


Shade The Changing Girl #6 Review




Publisher: DC Comicsscg6.png


Written by: Cecil Castellucci


Art by: Marley Zarcone, Andy Parks, Kelly Fitzpatrick


Letters by:  Savida Temofonte








  In fall of 2016 DC Comics teamed-up with Geared Way to launch their new Young Animal line of comics.  The imprint brought back the Doom Patrol and gave us modern updates of Cave Carson and Shade as well a new original character with Mother Panic.  Today we take will take a look at the latest issue of Shade: The Changing Girl.




  To give a brief rundown of the plot of the book a young alien girl named Loma steals Roc-Shade’s Madness Vest from the museum her boyfriend works at and uses it to transfer her mind across the universe until she reaches Earth and inhabits the comatose body of a young girl name Megan.  And the series is basically about her learning to adapt on life on Earth and try to understand and make a new life for herself on earth all the while trying to understand why those around her despise Megan. The sixth issue begins with the remnant of Megan’s consciousness attacking Shade and trying to take back her body, this leads to an intense to Shade having a break down and the school sending her home.  Meanwhile back on her home planet Loma’s old boyfriend is being tortured by those who would wish to attain the cloak for their own nefarious purposes.  Back on Earth Shade is gathering back her strength to fight against the ghost of Megan, with the help of her friends River and Teacup she finds her strength and is able to fight and defeat Megan by shattering what is left of her consciousness into pieces, despite this seemingly happy ending however a single remnant of Megan’s conscious makes its way into Shade’s body.




    In terms of story Shade continues to make for a genuinely interesting and satisfying read as Cecil Castelluci gives a cast of characters both main and supporting that are both very relatable and unique.  In terms of this issue itself Shade and Megan both great moments as we see the full extent of the old Megan’s cruelty in comparison to the more innocent and child-like personality Shade has developed while in her human body.  We also get a good feel for the rest of the supporting cast of both aliens and humans in their moments on panel.




  In terms of art Marley Zarcone’s style fits the book perfectly and mixed with Kelly Fitzpatrick’s colors you not only get unique yet well-structured layouts, but you get a lively, vibrant and psychedelic book that is a smorgasbord of color and form for the eyes.  Nearly every page and panel pops with a unique vibe all its own, the diverse use of color feeling down right Jim Steranko/pop art-esque at times!




 Overall Shade: The Changing Girl is an absolute delight!  It is hands down one of the best books in the new Young Animal line and has such great visual appeal and well-crafted story that I have no doubt it will go down as a modern classic!






Story: 9 out of 10


Art: 10 out of 10


Overall: 9.5 out of 10