Godshaper Issue #1 Review

Publisher: Boom Studios5797765-01.jpg

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artists: Jonas Goonface

Letters: Colin Bell








This month Boom Studios! launched Godshaper a new mini-series by Simon Spurrier and Joans Goonface.  Is this supernatural adventure worth a read or does it not stand a ghost of a chance?  Lets take a look.


The world of Godshaper is one where every individual has their own personal spirit or God at their side to help them with their day to day lives.  As the book puts it they are essentially everything from accessories, guardians, banks anything a person needs them to be.  The main character Ennay is a Godshaper a person with the unique ability to take and mold Godflesh and change the appearance and nature of others Gods.  Without spoiling too much  The first issue of the book mostly focuses on explaining the rules of the world and setting up the story and characters introducing us to Ennay and his helper Bud and the world they live in.  We also get to see them meet with a client as well as the negative results of his actions.  The first issue ends on a cliffhanger that gets the reader excited for the next issue.


In terms of structure the story is well paced and does a good job of doing what it sets out to do, it manages to make Ennay an interesting enough character and put him in an interesting enough world to get the reader on board for the concept and looking forward to future issues.  Simon Spurrier’s script is also helped by Jonas Goonface’s colorful artwork which is both lively and subdued when needed and truly helps brings out the essence of the story.  Overall Godshaper is off to a decent start and I look forward to seeing where the series is taken as it progresses.


Final Grade

Story: 7 out of 10

Art: 7 out of 10

Overall 7 out of 10 


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