Action Comics #977 Review


Publisher: DC Comics

Written By: Dan Jurgens

Art By: Ian Churchill, Hi-Fi

Letters By: Rob Leigh








Action Comics #977 is one of the many Superman books to deal with the fallout of the recent Superman Reborn event and gives readers some more clarification on the new merged timeline for the hero.  We find Lois & Clark working back at the Daily Planet with Perry White being their son Jon’s Godfather.  The two only have vague memories of what happened when Mxy kidnapped Jon but both have a feeling that something stil isn’t quite right.  Meanwhile a mysterious figure is going around contacting a number of Superman’s foes in hopes of forming an alliance.  While this is going on Clark goes to the Fortress of Solitude and has the computer retell his origin story.  Everything seems to be in order until the very end where he hears a secondary voice and we see a small figure in one of the fortresses crystals.


In terms of story Jurgens remains on track with his current Action Comics run and it is still quite obvious he has a long term plan as to where he wants his stories to go within the greater scope of Rebirth.  Ian Churchill and Hi-Fi continue to do a solid job on art duty giving detail and color to the comic that helps make it visually pleasing and keeps the reader engaged in the story.  My only complaint is even if the reason is justified, seeing Superman’s origin for the umpteenth time is somewhat tedious.  That aside though Jurgens and co continue to bring us one of the most constantly enjoyable runs on action since Morrison back in 2011.


Final Score

Story: 7

Art: 8

Overall: 7.5


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