Why You Should Be Reading: Boom Studios! Comics


In our third installment of WYSBR we take a look at the indie publisher that could Boom Studios! and why you should be reading their books.




Indie Edge:  Boom! Studios may be a smaller publisher but they have a nice variety of diverse independent content, with more recent hits like Godshaper and other classics like The Woods, Giant Days, Grass Kings and the upcoming Misfits City from comedy, to adventure to scifi and more there is something for all types of comic book readers.




Franchised Fun: Like many independent publishers Boom also has a fair share of books based on popular films & cartoons.  These range from all-ages series based on popular Cartoon Network properties like Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Over The Garden Wall, to books aimed at slightly older audiences like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Planet of The Apes.




All-Ages Diversity:  Like with any good publisher inclusiveness & diversity are an important part of what makes Boom! Studios books work.  From critically acclaimed series like Lumberjanes to fun and fantastic books like Goldie Vance, Mega Princess & Backstagers  Boom has produced some amazing all-ages titles incorporating and celebrating LBGTQ, Female and colored leads for fans young and old alike to read and enjoy.


And those are three reasons you should check out Boom! Studios works ASAP!


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