Kim Reaper #1 Review


Written By Sarah Graley

Art By: Sarah Graley

Letters By: Crank!








This week Oni Press released the first issue of their new original series Kim Reaper.  A supernatural comedy about life, death, friendship, love and cats.  Does this series stand a ghost of a chance against the competition however?  Lets sharpen our scythe’s and find out.


The first issue begins with the lead character Becka staring at her crush Kim while her friend Trevor pokes fun at her for not paying attention or taking her art school studies seriously.  This leads to a conversation between the two that ends with Becka deciding to invite Kim to the pub with them.  However when Becka goes to talk to kim Kim she finds her going through a mysterious portal.  Becka follows only to find Kim hovering over a dying cat. Becka intervenes thinking Kim is going to kill the innocent little kitty but Kim quickly explains she is not planning on killing anyone and is only doing her job as a part-time grim reaper and it is her job to escort those ready to leave their mortal coil into the afterlife, though since she is new to the job she can only help along the spirits of animals. Before they can make a second attempt to catch the feline the cats owner, an energetic musclebound crazy cat man comes home and confronts the two.   Kim tries to explain the situation but the man is none to happy to hear he may be losing one of his prized cats and the issue ends with the musclebound madman making a suit of armor out of the colony of kittens as he gets ready to fight off our heroines.


Overall the story for the introductory issue of the book is an enjoyable one, fast paced, funny and energetic with a unique quirky style all its own while still felling familiar enough to other more recent indie comics and animations to make it easy to jump into and enjoy.  The art is also very nice as it is lively and expressive with a vibrant color pallet which really helps keep the reader engaged as they progress through the story.  It is quit obvious Sarah Graley  put genuine heart and effort into crafting this story and it thankfully shows from the first issue.


If there are any complaints to be had it would be that like many modern animations/comics/etc it just throws you right into things without properly setting-up the characters before hand outside of giving us a general feel for their personalities, but overall that is not much of a problem for non-superhero based comics/media in the long run as many do still get around to properly developing their characters over time.


At the end of the day Kim Reaper is a worthy addition to Oni Press publishing line-up and has potential to be a thoroughly enjoyable series in the long run.


Final Score

Story: 7 out of 10

Art: 7 out of 10

Overall: 7 out of 10


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