A Quick Look At: DUNCE




For those wondering what DUNCE is, it is a comic strip by Jens K. Styve that started out as a daily web strip named after its creator.  It is, like many comic strips just about the beautiful awkwardness, comings and goings and the grind of everyday life.  The daily strip which is currently run in a Norwegian newspaper showcases the adventures of the titular character as well as his son and a young neighbor girl whom he has befriended.   Like many strips the art and execution is fairly simple, but this is by no means a bad thing, the characters come off as very relatable and anyone who has ever been a kid or a parent will most likely see a bit of themselves in them.  And of course no comic strip would be complete without satire of current events and daily life in the 21st century which are also present in Jenk’s work.


Earlier this year Styve started a kick-starter to have Dunce collected in book form and was thankfully successful in the endeavor and the first book along with his other works can now be purchased at his online store.



If you are interested in learning more about Jens K. Styve you can visit his site at http://www.jensk.net and DUNCE as well as other books can be bought at http://www.jensk.no


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