Why You Should Be Reading: Valiant Entertainment Comics



In the world of comics where the big two of DC & Marvel often overshadow the market with big-events, relaunches and initiatives it is important to realize there are plenty of other publishers in the pond as well.  So in this weeks installment of WYSBR we take a look at a smaller superhero publisher Valiant Entertainment and why instead of missing out you should be checking out their excellent work!  So without further ado, here are three reasons why you should be reading comics from Valiant Entertainment!



  1. Easy to catch up on

Unlike DC and marvel which have decades worth of continuity built up the current Valiant universe only started in 2012 meaning it only has roughly five years of history to catch-up on over seventy five or more.  On top of that most of the books in the line are fairly self contained and the universe isn’t as plagued with as many constant crossover events as its competitors and even those they do have are not always necessary reading if you are only following one specific title meaning there are less interruptions in the natural flow of the books narratives.  Due to the young nature of the universe and Valiant collecting most of its series in deluxe edition omnibuses it is fairly easy to binge a series in order to catch-up.  This also arguably makes it a bit more new reader friendly then the competition can be at times.





What is X-O MANOWAR you ask?  Well basically take Conan The Barbarian and fuse him with Green Lantern and Iron-Man and you basically have X-O MANOWAR.  This series mixes the best of classic action/adventure, scifi and superhero comics to make for a genuinely interesting and entertaining read.   The first volume which was written by Robert Venditti of Green Lantern fame lasted for 50 issues and is collected in four deluxe edition books with the fifth and final book most likely coming out sometime this holiday season.  The second volume of the ongoing series by Matt Kindt started this month and more or less picks up where the previous volume left off.  If you are a action or sci-fi fan this series is most definitely worth checking out.




3. Diversity of character, tone & talent.

While books like X-O are fairly entertaining Valiant knows such titles might not appeal to everyone so they have a fair amount of titles with varying tones from the more serious to more silly and the more fantastical to the more down to earth.  They also have diversity in the representation of their characters with heroes like Faith, a heavy set woman with superpowers.  And if you are wanting a more comedic book Archer & Armstrong is there for you. A book for those who like X-Men but don’t care for Marvel’s current direction with the characters, just check out Generation Zero. Historical fiction, look no further then Britannia.   Valiant may not have as robust a library as DC and Marvel, but they do indeed have a variety of titles for all kinds of comic book readers.

It also helps that the studio has some amazing artistic talent on hand!  Talented individuals such as Deigo Bernard, Clay Mann, Rafa Sandoval, Cafu, Cary Nord, Lee Garbet, Trevor Hairsine, Manuel Garcia and many more have all lent their talents to the books.  The writers from Robert Vinditti, Jeff Leimire , Matt Kindt and Duane Swierczynski amoung others have all done solid jobs on the books as well.  So not only do you have amazing stories and characters, but you have genuinely talented individuals working on these books as well, which is always a plus.



And there you have it, three reasons why you should be reading comics from Valiant Entertainment, because sometimes quality of titles is just as, if not more important then quantity.



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