Steven Universe Ongoing #2 Review

Warning: This post contains spoilers

Disclaimer: Steven Universe and all characters are property of Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network & Boom Studios.




Publisher: Boom Studios

Written By: Melanie Gillman

Art By:  Katy Farina, Missy Pena, Whitney Cogar

Lettering By: Mike Fiorentino







The Beach City adventures continue as today we take a look at the second issue of Boom Studios all new Steven Universe Ongoing.   Is it as good as the first or does it suffer from Sophmore slump?  Let’s find out.



The second issue starts with Steven and Connie going to the movies, excited to see the film adaption of Connie’s favorite book series “The Unfamiliar Familiar”  sadly once they get there and find out the film is rated PG-13 and with Connie being under 13 and Steven looking much younger then his biological age of 14 they are not allowed to go see the film as the attendant says they can’t go without an adult’s permission. They try to remedy this by fusing into Stevonnie however this ploy ends in failure as well.  On the way back they run into Kiki or should I say Kiki runs into them, literally, and the two start hanging out, Kiki and Stevonnie become fast friends and after spending some time together shopping and trying on cloths Kiki asks Stevonnie to the school dance.  Later that night at the dance things start out well but quickly become awkward during the slow dance.  This causes Stevonnie to run to the restroom and unfused, Steven and Connie unsure what to do, wondering if they should come clean about who they really are.  After some discussion they reunite with Kiki and say that they really like spending time with her and would like to remain friends.  Kiki agrees to this and she and Stevonnie enjoy the rest of the dance together.


In terms of story like with the first issue the premise is a fairly simple one however it is executed in an extremely well done manner and like the show handles its subject matter fairly well, the quick friendship made between Kiki and Stevonnie is cute and like the first issue helps show how the book utilizes the more slice of life elements of the series to its full advantage.  Also the struggle between Stevonnie being uncertain if Kiki’s feelings towards them are romantic or not and Steven and Connie’s uncertainty about the situation and weather or not being Kiki’s friend in a different form would make them liars or not is also an interesting one as both of these situations are ones readers can relate to.  In essence the second issue is a simple story about new friendships mixed with tones about the questions of gender and self identity all wrapped into one easy to digest package.   I think my only nitpick would be that Beach City’s theatre must be super strict, I mean c’mon I’m pretty sure most of us got to go see PG-13 movies as kids even without the presence of adult supervision.  But that minor nitpick aside the book is a genuinely enjoyable read.


In terms of art Katy Farina continues to hit spot on by near perfectly imitating the television shows style from character designs to facial expressions and even characters physical queues and movements and Whitney Cogar continues to do an excellent job on coloring duty!


Overall the Steven Universe Ongoing continues to be an enjoyable all-ages series that stays true to its source material while coming up with new tales with Steven and the residents of beach city.


Final grade

Story: 8 out of 10

Art: 8 out of 10

Overall 8 out of 10.


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