Superman #19 Review

Warning: This post may contain spoilers.

Disclaimer: This post is solely my opinion. Superman, Superboy and Lois Lane are property of DC Comics/Warner Bros Entertainment.



Published by: DC Comics

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason

Art by: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz

Letters by: Rob Leigh




Last week we took a look at Action Comics #975 which was the second part of the current “Superman Reborn” storyline, this week the story continues in Superman  #19.  Does the event still hold up, or is it starting to fizzle out?


The issue starts with a recap of John’s disappearance from the first issue from his point of view that ends with him in a mysterious space with pictures of his mom and dad at different points in their life floating by.  Meanwhile, Clark is shocked to find Lois has lost her memories of Jon as well as her marriage to him.  Mxy shows back up and Superman agrees to play his game, this leads to them being transported to the Infinite Planet a place where anything is possible and the house always win.  Mxy says all they have to do to save Jon is reach the top before all of their memories are destroyed.  Superman & Lois accept the challenge and Mxy puts them through the ringer.  Meanwhile Jon while trapped in the sphere at the top of the tower finds the essences of the Nu52 versions of Superman & Lois and their power combined with Jon’s helps them escape from the Sphere just as Mxy is about to erase the last remnants of Superman’s memories.   The Nu52 versions of Lois & Superman merge with their Pre-Flashpoint counterparts giving Lois and Clark renewed strength and Jon being surprised to see his parents now suddenly younger.


In terms of story I will admit I am a bit mixed in my opinion of the issue, it does move the event forward however like part one it feels rather rushed, I understand Mxy is a chaotic being in nature, but the entire issue feels like it is just pushing you along to the end, not really giving proper time to enjoy it, on top of the mysterious Oz, the man who has supposedly been manipulating Superman and the DC timeline as a whole for at least the past 10 years and was supposed to be part of the event as well is front and center on the cover, but does not appear on a single page of the issue.  Overall compared to Action #975 the nineteenth instalment of the Rebirth Superman book is sadly disappointing in comparison.  I mean no offense to Tomasi or Gleason, they are talented writers and I have genuinely enjoyed the majority of their Superman run, but this issue was the first genuine disappointment for me.  It is not all bad however as Jon’s moments in the book are genuinely good and all the characters are written perfectly in character, I just wish we had more time to flesh out elements of this whole Superman Reborn event.  Perhaps it would have helped if all four parts had been 48 pages like Action #975.


In terms of art Gleason and co still do a decent job here, even if like in most comics these days a couple facial expressions seem off, and for some reason Mxy now looks even creepier then usual.  Overall though the art is decent and the colors are spot on.


All things considered Superman issue #19 is a bit of a mixed bag, it does its job of helping the event reach its climax however it does so in a very rushed and chaotic way that can make the issue itself hard to enjoy even if there is a decent payoff at the end.  None the less I am looking forward to seeing how things play out, even if we don’t have anything revealed about the mysterious Oz as previously hinted at.



Story 5 out of 10

Art 6.5 out of 10

Overall 6 out of 10.


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